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Books by Will Hogarth.

Check out the books by Will Hogarth, and prepare to immerse yourself in Fantasy, action and time. The Time Walker's Journal Series and the forthcoming new, Tyler Thyme, Sci-fi Series.

Book Extracts.

A few extracts from the Time Walker's Journal series of books by Will Hogarth. Read, enjoy and feel free to order any of these books from Amazon. Available in paperback and on kindle. More formats and outlets are on the way.

Summer Snow.

'... as Steve fell towards the snow covered ground he saw two things. The giant, fur clad, warrior starting to swing his axe in what must be a killer blow. And the knife he had been holding so tightly, now falling from his hand...'

Fog Bound.

'... He spun Steve around and slammed him into a damp slick wall. The impact of the blow knocked the breath from Steve and caused him to sag at the knees. It was only Silas's vice like grip that kept Steve from crumpling to the floor...'

Rising Storm.

'...As the limping man ran and closed the gap between them, Steve could see that whoever it was, had gone several days without shaving, and possibly without washing. A smell of stale body odour, and days of sleeping rough, proceeded even the pace of the run. Then, as Steve fully experienced the smell, he picked up on the smell, that had become all too familiar to Steve, since he had become a Time Walker.

A Bit About Will.

Will Hogarth was born, and lives in the Northeast of England, in what was the heart of mining country but which is now more of a countrified commuter belt. Will is passionate about books: both reading and writing along with having a love of the great outdoors and endurance sports. His favourite authors are: Derek Landy, Agatha Christie, Lee Child and Robert Jordan. A voracious reader, Will has an eclectic taste in literature. When it comes to writing, Will describes himself as "A dyslexic writer, trying to prove the world wrong."

The Dyslexic.

Will attended school at a time when dyslexia went largely undiagnosed. All through school he was lead to believe he was ‘not very bright’. It was not until after leaving school that Will was diagnosed. The newfound knowledge was all Will needed, as he went on to gain a 1st class degree and become a successful business man. Tweet: Will Hogarth, the Dyslexic Author http://ctt.ec/fbB62+

The Writer.

Will has a passion for books, both reading and writing. He fills his spare times with the endless pages between the covers. Once a book is planned it is written and according to Will, writers block is just a polite name for good old fashioned procrastination.

He writes both fiction and nonfiction. The latter as part of his role as a senior technical executive. Although, Will always admits, fiction is where his heart is.

The Geek.

Will has a talent for all things technical. He started out as a Junior games developer and has worked himself through the various trade of the typical geek. Will is now CEO and technical adviser to VGS Global, based just North of Durham.

The Triathlete.

Away from work and writing. Will is an active member of the Pirate Ship of Fools. Pirates are Triathletes who predominately race at Ironman Distance. They can be spotted at many of the big races around the world. Although racing is serious, The Pirates are known for enjoying themselves in the process.
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Will Hogarth, Author of YA Fantasy Thriller


Strive to be the best
Will Hogarth, Triathlete


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Will Hogarth, Ironman


Always make time for 'you'
Will Hogarth


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  • Life is not about wealth you accumulate, nor is it about the things that you own. It is more about the way you live and the things you experience along the way. You have one life. Live it. Experience it. Enjoy it.

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    One Life. Live it.
  • Climb the mountains, Swim the seas. Run the deserts, cycle the endless miles. Write a book, pursue those dreams. Whatever your goals in life, remember, it is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all.

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    You are a long time dead. Live life.

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YA Fantasy Thriller, Time Travel, Murder Mystery

Summer Snow

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YA Fantasy Thriller, Time Travel, Seriel Killer

Fog Bound

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Rising Storm

Book 3 of the Time Walker's Journal by Will Hogarth
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